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Moonlight Ridge Part 3, Chapter 3, Gem State: :iconmark-of-the-wolf:Mark-of-the-Wolf 4 0
A Lycan's Return: Prologue
Lycanthropy. What can I possibly say to describe the one thing responsible for the destruction of my entire life?
Well… I guess you can start off by saying it’s just another word for complete and utter torture. A curse so destructive that it can effortlessly cripple, or just as easily kill, anyone who isn’t strong enough to withstand the pain and anguish of carrying the nightmarish burden that it bestows upon you, forcing you to live the rest of your worthless life knowing that all of your friends and family are constantly in danger, or worse still, at the risk of falling victim to the savagery of the beast that has no regards for morality or mercy; no human traits left to be salvaged from the wreckage of torn clothes and destroyed resemblance of the once seemingly innocent and harmless human being now acting as nothing more than a simple disguise of sheep’s clothing in order to hide the true identity of the cold hearted killer inside. A force of corruption resp
:iconwoody897:Woody897 6 7
A Lycan's Legacy: Prologue
What can I say? What is there to say?
Life. If there’s one thing I've learnt from my time on this pathetic rock it’s that 'shit happens'. Shit that changes your life forever. For better or for worse. Maybes both. I found that out the hard way. And once that shit changes your life… you’re no longer normal. Ever.
Humans. These frail and fragile creatures. They’re afraid of anything different. Of anything that isn't 'normal'.
Normal isn't staying away from everyone and everything in the world. Normal isn't locking yourself in chains once every month. Normal isn't ripping someone apart with your bare hands and feasting on their corpse. That isn't normal.
That isn't me…
For I'm something else. Something different. Something hideous.
I'm a human. I'm a wolf. I don’t know who I am any more… no, 'what' I am.
I am one of the very few left of my kind. A werewolf. A lycanthrope. Call me what you like… it doesn't change the monster that I am.
:iconwoody897:Woody897 13 1
Legend of the Black Claw - Chapter 1
Legend of the Black claw
Chapter one
I could feel it looking at me. I could feel its eyes burning into me. Beyond was blackness, suffocating, crushing, blackness. I was afraid to move, afraid to take a single, small breath because whatever was out there watching me would surely hear it. A slight snap drew my attention toward my left. Only my eyes moved. Again, there was only the blackness. I drew in a slow, careful breath. My heart pounded like a thunderous drum in my ears, so loud and so consuming that I feared I wouldn’t be able to hear when the thing moved again but I did hear a rustle and crack only a few feet away me. I was reminded how very silent the night had become and how huge the creature stalking me was. My mind rationalized that it was a bear, it had to be. What else could it be? Another careful cracking sound made me hold my breath. I had the insane I idea it could see me, that it knew I was there and was circling me, finding some kind of amusement in my petrified s
:icondestinyfall:Destinyfall 26 12
COM: Try Me by TheWiggleKing COM: Try Me :iconthewiggleking:TheWiggleKing 56 16
Chapter One
"So... what's his story? I've never seen someone like him."
"Xander? You won't meet another... well, it's easier to tell you the story than to try and explain..."

It starts off real simple... Man finds a book. A tome so old, it's literally falling apart; buried underneath the Earth since time immemorial. Book is said to contain some of the most powerful spells ever devised. The strongest barriers, the most lethal attacks, regenerative abilities that can pull one back from the threshold. Magic so old that the verbal incantations are lost to history.
Through some bookwork, he finds that the words weren't lost, they never were. None of these spells have ever been spoken aloud, because they can't be; not properly. It would come out as unintelligible gibberish.
He also learns some of the massive history behind the book. The confirmed history is that the book itself started as Sumerian, proven by the type of binding and parchment, but the language and spells inside are second to none. So
:iconanarchicwolf:AnarchicWolf 17 21
The New Kid
Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! The late bell sounded, meaning that it was time to "stop loitering the halls and get back to class!", as Mr. Douglas, our principal, would say. It didn't matter to me, I was always in Spanish before the bell. It was the last period of the day, might as well make it seem like it was fun to be there. I watched kids frantically pile into the room, because they're not late if the bell's still ringing. Well, that's their logic anyway. Mrs. Lopez had a different way of seeing things, but by the amount of students that were always "tardy", she really couldn't do anything besides give words of discouragement.
    "You know you arre to be in herre when the bell sounds!" She hollered at the class, rolling every "r" in sight. It's annoying, but you get used to it. The class did their usually grumbles and false-apologies, knowing that they were going to do the same thing tomorrow. Well, actually, Monday, but that's just semantics. I just didn
:iconblackminorscales:blackminorscales 110 92
Unexpected Meeting Part 2
A light mist began to fall upon the small clearing where a youth had be sitting several hours earlier. The imprints of frantic sneakers and chasing paws could be seen through the woods that surrounded Wild Springs. These two strange tracks however ended at a small ditch shroud in darkness thanks to the dying light from the powerful sun. Diving into the darkness, a young boy with a half crescent clutched in his fist, lay unconscious and unaware of the creature that watched him from the close by bushes up top the slope.
Kona slowly opened his groggy eyes and looked around with a dull gaze. It took a few moments for his sense to function and his mind to fully comprehend where he was, and what happened to him several hours before. With a soft groan of pain, Kona lifted his head from the slope he lay against and tried to lift his clutched hand. It took a few attempts but with the help of his fear, he was able to move.
The forest had grown still around him as he attempted to move. The sudden
:iconblackwolfds:BlackWolfDS 4 11
Gathering the Pack
Their time spent at the mesa was a lonely one. Eris went back to the house to get supplies, since she could fly faster than any of them could run. Crecy's leg was still healing, but he practiced fighting with Delilah and Henry, using a small twig as a make-shift knife to show them how to disarm, how to use their hand to cut their own wrist open, how to use an opponent's shoulders to maneuver around them. Most of it was talking, and a lot of the discussion was pointless, as Henry would be fighting with his shotgun and Delilah already knew most of it. Eris curled close to Crecy during the chilled nights, and they waited for something. Some spark of hope.
Eris was patrolling the area around them, when she saw a speck in the horizon. Too large to be a normal bird, it flew swiftly in their direction. Eris folded her wings to report to Crecy, but he had other news. From the south, there was a small group of red wolves, shifters, who were heading towards them. And to the east, hidden by the b
:iconcrecy:Crecy 2 24
The Moth and the Werewolf
She floats down slowly, drawn in by the arrival of his presence. Her soft wings beat silently, and she gently flutters above him. His ears twitch, but he shows no sign of rejecting her presence. She lands on his shoulders, and begins to stretch her tired wings.
She wishes she were a butterfly, but they are pretty. She is not pretty. She is not one drawn to flowers. She is a moth. A creature of the night. She feeds on the nectar, and follows the moon. And she knows he is as much a wolf as she is a butterfly.
A wolf is plenty useful, but many have seen wolves. Many adore wolves.
Many fear him.
He sees the town in the distance, glowing and faint. Somewhere in the town, she slumbers.
The moth knows this, because she does not fly with the other moths.
The wolf knows this, because he does not run with the other wolves.
You know, says Zedekiah, just because she is not with you does not mean she does not wish she was...
The wolf whimpers slightly, and lays down on the grass, his
:iconcrecy:Crecy 3 1
The Family Pack - Chapter 18
As Sylvia had predicted, their mother had agreed on letting them go to the park, on the condition that they return by six.  In addition, she had given Sylvia her cell phone – just in case anything happened while they were out.  The park was a long way to walk; the two decided to take a shortcut through the forest.  As they entered the woods, Jason decided to continue their previous conversation.
"So, how does it feel? To shift, I mean," Jason asked.
Sylvia picked up a stick and commenced gnawing on it like a wolf.
"It's sort of painful at first, but the pain goes away quickly.  It's actually quite a rush – and it feels great afterward," she replied between bites.
"That's how I felt when the doctor turned me," Jason said, thinking back to earlier that morning.
"Yep, probably," Sylvia responded, chomping down on the stick.
"So how come I didn't change then?" Jason asked, puzzled.  "Wouldn't my body have made a forced change?"
:icondogboy09:dogboy09 8 5
Human, Being
There was a time, not long ago, I would have given anything to be something else.  
Ever since I was little I wanted to be an animal.  It didn't really matter what animal, as long as it was an animal.  Animals were beautiful effortlessly, it seemed to me, and oh so deserving of love, admiration, respect, and affection.  I was not.  I was less than perfect, unlovable as a little girl, and so I sought to be an animal.  It had to be better than being a human, especially a chubby little girl who nobody understood.
As I grew, I centered my life around this belief, that it would be better to be other.  At first it was unicorns and horses, then it was the fiery power of dragons, and finally the mysterious grace of wolves.  I thought that if I could somehow learn the ways of wolves, perhaps I might find a way to become one of them someday.   Perhaps I could find four feet and race into the wilderness
:icongoldenwolf:Goldenwolf 449 192
Songline by Goldenwolf Songline :icongoldenwolf:Goldenwolf 1,604 0
Mature content
The Pursuit: Chapter VIII :iconlycanthropeful:lycanthropeful 3 12
Vengeance, Chapter 12
      “Alright you two, smile!” Mr. Novak said cheerfully. He painstakingly aligned the digital camera in front of his nose, the same nose that his daughter shared, making their relation nearly unmistakable.
      Zack and Versa plastered their smiles in place. They knew that each of their parents would be taking far too many pictures. With an arm around the small of her back, Zack budged slightly and did his best not to flinch. He nearly laughed as he watched his father fiddle naively with his own camera.
      “Come on Dave, I have to get some pictures too,” Mr. Frazier said to Mr. Novak. “Just because your daughter looks beautiful in that green dress doesn’t mean you can hog up all the space,” he jested. Versa rolled her eyes and blushed. If ever there was a reason besides Zack to visit the Frazier household, it was to spend time with his father. Ever since sh
:iconlycanthropeful:lycanthropeful 9 19
[Commission] - Alex's Reveal by lycanthropeful [Commission] - Alex's Reveal :iconlycanthropeful:lycanthropeful 200 77


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